About the Recent Snow and Ice Crisis

This is an open letter to all our valued customers at Green River Marina. Me and Alma want to thank all of you for your patience in this snow and ice crisis. We have posted pictures on our Facebook & our web page to update you about damages to the marina. If your boat is visible in the pictures, we are very sorry. The snow ice & high winds was just too much for our covered slips to handle (NOTE: we have never in the 19 yrs of ownership had Collapsed Slips).

We suggest you contact your insurance provider. We have contacted our carrier and cannot touch any part of the damages until our adjuster comes to asses the damage. We also want to thank you for your patience and not attempting to check on your boats. No one can access these boats safely. We have not put anyone’s life in danger and won’t. Our workers are family and we would never endanger their lives for material things. Boats & Docks can be fixed or replaced, our family members cannot. Please stay patient and we will let you know when it is safe to come and check on your boat.

Thank you so much again,

Dennis, Alma