Jet Skis

Jet Skis rentals are provided through Wet ‘n Wild Watersports. To reserve please contact them at 270-585-4838. Wet N Wild watersports only handles jet ski’s, please visit the links at the top of the page for Cabin and pontoon rentals.

Slip Rentals

We have many options to choose from.

Covered Slips

  • Governor’s Row – Starting at $1950 p/yr
  • Governor’s Row Houseboat slips – Starting at $3450 p/yr
  • Governor Row Cruiser slips – Starting at $2500 p/yr
  • Covered Bridge (10 x 30 slips) – Starting at $1950 p/yr
  • Sunrise Way (boats up to 10′ x 30′ long) – Starting at $2100 p/yr
  • Renegade Way (boats 14′ x 30′) – Starting at $2500 p/yr
  • Overnight Slips – $50 p/night

Uncovered Slips

  • Eagle’s Landing – $3680 p/yr
  • Admiral’s Way (slips 200-224) – $5420 p/yr
  • Sunrise Way (slips 100-114) – $5650 p/yr
  • Sunrise Way (slips 115-126) – $6280 p/yr
  • Sunrise Way (slips 127-131) – $6600 p/yr
  • Wave Runner Ports – $500.00 p/yr




Ship Store

We have a full service marina which offers, gas, diesel, minnows, red worms, night crawlers, wax worms, mill worms, artificial bait, floats, boat parts, ice by the bag or bulk, and pump outs. Other items you’ll find in the Ship Store are Comfy Cow ice-cream, sunglasses, tubes, souvenirs, lifejackets, food and drinks.

No vacation is complete without souvenirs! One of our friendly representatives will gladly help you select the perfect gift for your stay behind family and friends.

We also offer boat surveys and boat documentation and Notary Public service.

Don’t forget to stop by our gift shop!

Food & Drink
Comfy Cow Ice Cream

It’s That Time of Year Again

Just a friendly reminder to Houseboat owners and Visitors quiet hours are at 12 o’ clock! We just want to remind you that we are looking out for everyone that visits and occupies the Marina during this season. Thank you for your cooperation!

GOLF CART PERMITS! This year if you do not already have a golf cart permit it is strongly suggested that you buy one! Failure to do so will result in a $50 fee every time you receive a notice to get yours renewed! If you have lost one that you have already bought just come in and we can get one ordered. We appreciate your business!