How to reserve a cabin

How to reserve a cabin

Go to the reservations page click here

For peak season – Check in and outs are Monday or Friday only. Enter the date of the Monday or Friday that you wish to arrive. In the check out date, enter the following Monday or Friday date.

For off peak season – Minimum 2 night stay. Enter the date you would like to check in (for example, the 1st) then under the check out date, enter the date you would like to check out (In our example, check in on the 1st, check out would be on the 3rd for a 2 night stay)

Under the “Category” drop down menu, select “Floating Cabins”.

Under the “Guests” drop down menu, select the number of people that will be staying. Cabins 1 and VIP are 8 person maximum capacity, cabins 4, 6 and 7 are 6 person maximum capacity and cabin 2 is a 4 person maximum capacity. Any child over the age of 5 counts toward the maximum capacity, no more than one per bed for 5 and under.

Click on “Search”

The site will return any available cabins

If the site returns no results, check the dates to make sure they meet the restrictions. If the site still returns no results the cabins that will accommodate your group size are booked for that time frame.

To check availability for each cabin click here

This page has each cabin listed with a description of each. The last line in the description of each cabin is “Learn more and check availability for the cabin here” where “here” is a link to the cabin page.

Once on the cabin page, scroll down to the bottom to see a calendar that displays 2 months, use the “next” and “previous” at the top pf the calendar to see availability. Red dates are cabins that are reserved for those dates. Green dates are open to reserve following the reservation restrictions.