How to reserve a pontoon

How to reserve a pontoon

First step go to our reservation page click here

Under the “Check In” date, select the day you would like to reserve a pontoon.

Under the check out date, select the following day (It is only for the one day 8 hour rental)
(For multiple days, select the first day you would like to pick up the boat, then select the date after the last day you would like to have the boat.

For example: if you would like the pontoon for 3 days. you pick up the pontoon on the 1st. The check in date would be the first and the check out day would be the 4th (The pontoon will be returned on the 3rd).

We are working to find a solution to make this less confusing, but the new reservation system is based on a hotel style system. We apologize.

Under the category, select “Rental boats”

Under “Guests”, select the number of people you will have on the boat.

Pontoons can be picked up on Friday and Saturdays after 8:30 AM, Any other day, 9:30 AM
Unless pre-arranged with GRM, all pontoons must be picked up by 11:00 AM
All pontoons picked up after 11:30 AM will need to be returned by 7:30 PM.
Note: We are on Eastern Standard Time and we recommend locking your phone in order to pick up/return pontoon on time.

Double Decker maximum capacity is 14 persons
Suntracker maximum capacity is 10 persons
Overloading a pontoon will result in a fine by lake officials and/or surrendering the boat back to GRM without refund.

To see availability of double deckers Click here

To see availability for Suntrackers Click Here

Scroll down the page until you see the 2 month calendar where you can click “next” or “previous” at the top of the calendar to see available dates. Red indicates reserved, green indicates available to reserve.