Pontoon Rentals

Welcome to our Pontoon reservation page.

All pricing is for a reservation deposit only.

Full pricing for each boat is listed in the description of the pontoon.

Do not call to confirm the booking, you will receive an email after we have processed your reservation (Typically 2-3 days) that will include the balance due upon arrival.

No half day reservations.

Full day rentals are 8 hours.

Please read full description before making a reservation for restrictions. Failure to do so may result in you being denied the rental.

Prices do NOT reflect taxes.

Gas is NOT included in the rental price.

If the pontoon you are interested in renting does not appear as a choice to select, that type of pontoon is sold out for the date(s) selected.

More questions? Please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page before calling –FAQ for Pontoons


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Showing all 5 results